Moong Dal Halwa Recipe - Instant Moong Dal Halwa- How to Make Perfect Moong Dal Halwa

Instant moong dal halwa is a traditional Indian sweet with moong dal which is very high in protein,milk,ghee and nuts,its a delicious dessert and rich in flavour today i have made instant moong dal halwa without soaking dal. This is a instant version of making halwa for these people who don't have much time to make it therefore they can be done it quickly with full of delicious flavor, we can prepared it on special occasion like holi and diwali, serve this instant  tasty halwa to your family, guest and kids and have great time by tasting it

🌸Moong dal nutritional fact:‐

Moong dal is low fat content and very high in protein in fact moong dal is considered to be one of the best sources of protein.

  • 🌸Course=dessert
  • 🌸cuisine=indian
  • 🌸prep time=10min
  • 🌸cook time=35min
  • 🌸total time=45min

🌸Ingredients of instant moong dal halwa recipe:-

  • Moong dal=1big bowl(250gm)
  • Semolina/suji=2tbsp
  • Corn flour/besan=2tbsp
  • Suger=1big bowl(250gm)
  • Clarified butter/gher=1 small bowl(125gm)
  • Full cream milk=400ml

🌸How to make instant tasty moong dal halwa recipe without soaking dal.


Take moong dal and wash it with clean water after that pat dry with cloths


Pour dry moong dal in a pan and roast it dry  on low flame until it is turn in golden brown.


Once moong dal roasted golden brown,swith off the flame and cool it down, after cool it down pour in a blender and coarsely grind it


Soak saffron strands in milk and keep it aside


Take a pan,add clarified butter,let the butter heat up.add 2 tbsp of semolina /suji, 2 tbsp of corn flour/besan and roast it until light golden.


Once semolina and corn flour roasted as required,add powdered moong dal and roast it on a low flame for 10 min.once roasted it very well add milk to it and stir it continuously until milk absorbed.


Once the milk absorbed completely.add saffron milk, sugar in may take 15 to 20 min to be thick as required


When halwa forms a whole mess and does not stick to the pan than add nuts to your choice in it ,and add ghee little amount of clarified, switch off the flame and enjoy it with family and guest.

More guide watch this video. Click Here

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